may, 2022

13may2:30 pm3:30 pmPresentation of the UPISketch app by its creator, Rodolphe Bourotte

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An opportunity to discover and explore the UPISketch app for drawing music, developed Rodolphe Bourotte, composer and researcher, founding member of the Centre Iannis Xenakis, based on the latter’s famous UPIC.


Centre Iannis XenakisThe Centre Iannis Xenakis (CIX) is the continuation of Les Ateliers UPIC, the association founded in 1985 by Iannis Xenakis and Maurice Fleuret, (renamed the Centre de creation musicale Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX) in 2000), to promote the machine for composing music by drawing, developed by Iannis Xenakis in 1977, called the UPIC. Since December 2010, the renamed Centre Iannis Xenakis (CIX) is housed at the University of Rouen (France), under the auspices of the GRHis research lab (Groupe de Recherche d’Histoire), with its important archives being conserved in the University’s main library and its offices in the University’s Student Center.

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